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April 15 2018

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Happy Birthday Mama #formummy #origami #origamiflower #rose (at Vienna, Austria)

April 14 2018

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April 13 2018


"I said, ’Hi,’ " Knight replied. Other than that single syllable, he insisted, he had not spoken with or touched another human being, until this night, for twenty-seven years.
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Using two-photon polymerization to build a spaceship model at the micrometer scale
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"Finally found the Sauce vid: 1091_Québec Givré - The clip is the same length as the gif. The full version is only available if you buy the DVD.

This is the Cannelloni du curé in Gaspésie, Quebec

Both climber and belayer survived, as he landed on top of the pillar. Broken bones were involved, as well as torn ligaments in knee and foot."

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Münchner Amateurfunktagung 2018
SDR Grundlagen und Anwendungen
Reinhold Autengruber OE5RNL
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April 12 2018

noise suppression system
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