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July 24 2014

Metalab Impression
Our new Mendel90 ;) metalab.at/wiki/3DPrinter
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July 13 2014

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Printing Magic Shifter cases at VSL / Stadtflucht 2014
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July 12 2014

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Lindabrunn Stadtflucht 7
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June 13 2014

Play fullscreen
Our new self assembled Mendel90 at Metalab :) - YouTube
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June 09 2014

Mendel90 Assembly @ Metalab
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June 07 2014

RepRap Mendel90 kit has arrived
6 a.m. - assembly session still going strong

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June 02 2014

--wizard23 on Twitter

May 29 2014

Cool! Konrad brought his http://reprap.org/wiki/Kossel  3D Printer to @MetalabVie :) Printing right NOW! --@wizard23 on Twitter

April 01 2014

At Metalab with Adrian Bowyer --wizard23 on Flickr
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At Metalab with Adrian Bowyer
--wizard23 on Flickr

March 09 2014

January 12 2014

January 04 2014

Spass am Gerät
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October 31 2013

-- kkvie on Twitter

July 30 2013

A 3D printer approved by NASA will be flown to...

A 3D printer approved by NASA will be flown to the International Space Station next year so astronauts can print components, tools and equipment on-demand in space.

(Want more? See NOTCOT.org and NOTCOT.com)
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May 08 2013

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paul printed a double helix bracelet @metalab
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April 28 2013


Prevents your u-lock from being stolen while you are riding.
Designed and Printed by Marcel @metalab

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January 23 2013

January 21 2013

"3D-Drucker - Aus dem Hobbyraum ins Wohnzimmer?"
Zum Ö1 Schwerpunkt "Open Innovation"
Gestaltung: Anna Masoner
matrix - computer & neue medien * | Sonntag 20. Jänner 2013 22:30
with @pitom and @wizard23 from Metalab | d'load from 7 Tage Ö1
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