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December 22 2014

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The disassembled J-Head. You can see the rest of the filament which didn't come out when the nozzle was heated up and the filament was removed.
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Nozzle is fixed in vice for heating op and melting the clogged PLA. grip only a small corner of the nozzle, the vice is a very good heat sink. Connect the heating element and the thermistor to the electronics and heat the nozzle with printrun.
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The heated PLA expands and comes out the top instead of flowing through the nozzle. This is a clue, that the nozzle is clogged. We cleaned the melting chamber and the nozzle with a piece of 0,3 mm wire.
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Cleaned-out nozzle, threading is sealed with PTFE tape to prevent leaking of molten material.
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Cleaned and re-assembled J-Head, you can see the red PTFE lining through the hollow lock set screw.
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Re-assembled extruder drive with cleaned hobbed bolt.
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Re-assembled extruder, ready to be installed.
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Put the extruder back on the X-carriage. Prepare winged nuts for attaching.

December 21 2014

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When attaching the extruder assembly to the X-carriage make sure that the winged nut is parallel to the edge when tightened. If not, unscrew it and retry with a different starting position.
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Damaged slot for attaching the fan assembly to the X-axis carriage.
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When attaching the fan assembly to the X-axis carriage just tighten the screws lightly or this will happen.
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When attaching the fan assembly make sure that the toothed belt runs freely.

October 02 2014

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